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    Sunday, May 04, 2008  
    Was just having a discussion with my brother, who’s visiting from Australia, about whether one would like to know the exact date and time they were going to die.
    My reply was in the affirmative because I can’t wait and that it would give me something to live for.
    A couple of years ago some so-called clairvoyant gave me the exact date and time that I was going to die.
    I won’t disclose it because I don’t want to create public panic and unrest and I also don’t want to give people ideas (wouldn’t it be funny if some smartalec psycho, in collusion with the clairvoyant, went around killing people on the same date their death was prophesized to prove the prophecy).
    Suffice to say that it’s when I’m in my f***ing eighties!
    That sucks – I think I’ll get a second opinion.
    She claims that the ghost of her dead husband (who she calls her ‘’guide’’) appeared to her soon after he died and that she’d been channelling these prophecies, on demand, through him ever since
    That’s when I knew she was bullshitting or delusional.
    It’s inconceivable to me that a man released from the bonds of matrimony (via the handy ‘’until death do us part’’ clause) would choose to reacquaint himself with his wife from the afterlife.
    If I was a ghost I’d want to appear in J Lo’s shower or somewhere like that.
    She claims that her husband’s ghost is a Hindu but that he was a Catholic when he was alive (as she is).
    Becoming a Hindu and haunting your wife!
    The poor bastard’s in hell!

    11:30 am

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