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    "Top blog/Renato Obeid's World/Today's pick: This rambling weblog is worth reading not so much for its satirical posts but more for its insight into the minutiae of life in Lebanon, including the etiquette of road accidents and how to hire a taxi.” -Jane Perrone, The Guardian

    Thursday, September 20, 2007  
    Just got back from Beirut where I saw a sign outside a domestic employment agency (aka slave traders) screaming ‘’FILIPINAS ARE BACK!’’ as if they were red M&M’s* or something.
    Filipinas ,who Lebanese consider as the crème de la crème of domestics because of their education, their English and their not being completely black, had been banned by their government from working in Lebanon because of last summer’s war and allegations of abuse.

    *Red M&M’s were discontinued in 1976 after the FDA banned Red Dye No.2, a suspected carcinogen, despite the fact that they did not contain that dye.
    They were reintroduced to great fanfare in 1987 when the public had forgotten about it.

    10:30 am

    Friday, September 07, 2007  
    Watching a television interview with a certain Lebanese politician, my friend and neighbour Eli remarked that ‘’he’s always relevant because he never has a point’’.
    This guy is as repetitive as a porn movie.

    Eli says that, technically speaking, the proverbial glass is both half empty and half full.
    I suppose he’s right.
    So that settles it then.

    11:00 pm

    After a costly three and a half month-long battle, the Lebanese army finally manage to completely take over what is left of the Nahr el Bared Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon.
    The 1969 Cairo Accord stipulates that the Lebanese security forces aren’t allowed in the Palestinian camps.
    I don’t think that that accord was breached in any way.
    There is no camp left.
    What camp?

    8:00 pm

    Sunday, September 02, 2007  
    I don’t know who killed Prime Minister Hariri but the mainstream theory (that the Syrians did it) sounds too true to be true.

    8:00 pm

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