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    Sunday, May 25, 2008  
    All eyes are on this afternoon’s presidential ‘’election’’ and inauguration.
    The Lebanese parliament will vote in as president Lebanese Armed Forces Commander, General Michel Sleiman, who will be literally waiting in the wings, and then bring him in soon after for the inauguration.
    It reminds me of those cookery programs on television where the host has already prepared the dish beforehand – ‘’here’s something I prepared earlier’’.

    Christians need not fear Michel Aoun’s alliance with Hezbollah.
    It’s ironic that the Shiite ‘’party of God’’ has evolved into the least sectarian party in Lebanon.
    When Hezbollah took effective control of the South after Israel withdrew on this day in 2000 (the only significance of May 25th in Lebanese history despite today’s events) not a single Christian was as much as tickled.
    Compare this with the massacre of Christian civilians by Walid Jumblat’s Druze militiamen after the 1982 withdrawal of Israeli troops from Mount Lebanon.
    My most enduring memory of the events of eight years ago were television images of the last Israeli soldier to leave Lebanon closing and locking the border gate after him.
    It was very nice of him – we don’t want the chickens to escape.
    This seemingly leisurely withdrawal (how many retreating armies get to shut the gate and leave a cancellation note for the milkman?) belied the fact that they were harried out by a twenty-two-year war of attrition.

    3:15 pm

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