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    Sunday, October 07, 2007  
    Eli’s over.
    ‘’You look pretty calm and chilled’’ he observes.
    ‘’That’s because you’ve only been here for ten minutes’’ I reply.

    I told Eli two ghost stories within a week of each other and he believed both of them.
    On one occasion I convinced Eli that a ghost haunts the abandoned road near our building and, another time, that I later found out that a friendly old man we encounter on our walks had in fact been dead for ten years.
    Eli wanted to call a priest, which is quite logical, but he also wanted to call the police (try both the spiritual and the temporal).
    Sure, sic the police onto a ghost.
    What are the police going to do to a ghost?
    Maybe our police have a ghost buster unit.
    Our cops have enough trouble catching real criminals let alone ghosts.
    And sometimes they even confuse the two.
    In September 2005 the then-Interior Minister Hassan Sabaa famously said "unfortunately we are facing some kind of a ghost'' after television personality May Chidiac was maimed in a car bomb explosion (one of tens of politically motivated hits that have plagued Lebanon since October 2004 – all of them unsolved).
    The first hoax he fell for wasn’t even believed by my twelve year old cousin Nour.
    When I later revealed to Eli that it was a hoax, he kindly offered me the use of his mobile phone to call Nour and tell her that it was indeed a hoax (she’d left us about half way during the story).
    I told Eli that I’d already told her that it was a hoax when I saw her off at the elavator so he wouldn’t feel like a complete retard but the truth is that she didn’t believe a word of it.

    I used to walk along the abandoned road but I don’t anymore partly because of the ghost (who knows, there may be a ghost there for all we know) but also because, now that it’s reverted back to nature, there must be all sorts of creatures there.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if there were even dinosaurs and highwaymen down that road that time forgot.
    Besides, a judge on a walk got bashed there a couple of years ago but that was a targeted attack (they appear to have followed him from his home in Jounieh and took advantage of the secluded location) because of a case he was presiding over and he’s been bashed elsewhere before so it doesn’t appear that judge-bashing is endemic to that particular road but more to that particular judge.

    11:30 pm

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