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    Tuesday, November 07, 2006  
    I read on some woman's blog that she was ‘’in the vast minority’’ on a certain issue (and she wasn't joking).

    A couple of years ago a man from the north doing the begging rounds came over.
    In no position to help him, I told him that I don’t keep cash at home.
    He kindly offered to take me to the bank to get some money.
    He told me that he had five unwed mute daughters.
    I felt like telling him that he should have stopped at one or at two when he saw a pattern emerging and that their being unwed must have been due to his lack of emphasising and advertising their being mute to potential suitors – any man would die for a mute wife.
    Hell – sign me up for one of them!
    He told me that he was hungry so I proposed a practical solution – that we have lunch together.
    He replied the he couldn’t because he was fasting (although it wasn’t Ramadan, Muslims do have various kinds of extra-Ramadan fasting so it was at least theoretically plausible) and I felt like telling him ‘’there’s your problem – if you’re fasting you’re bound to get hungry’’.
    It reminded me of what I felt like telling the taxi driver who told me that his uncle, who had just died suddenly, had never taken a Panadol in his entire life – ‘’there’s the problem, a fat lot of God it done him – maybe he should have, maybe it would have helped him’’.

    9:30 pm

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