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    Sunday, March 11, 2007  
    This ‘’game’’ might not be for everyone but it amuses my friend and I(I won’t mention his name because he, unlike myself, cares about his good name).
    Introducing the porn game.
    It’s not really a game per se but it basically consists of brainstorming for the most clichéd and/or stupid porn movie plots ever.
    Each ‘’players’’ contribution invariably begins with ‘’oh! – did we say the one about…?’’
    After the inevitable ones about the policeman pulling over a hot chick speeding in a convertible, hot chick whose car has broken down going to a house to make a phone call, hot chick not being able to pay the rent in the conventional way, etc, you come up with some quite amusing ones.
    My friend’s best contribution is the one about a hot chick being driven around Paris (although I personally think it’s more likely to be Prague) in one of those touristy horse drawn carriages, then the driver takes her to a secluded place and then he…
    My best is the one about a hot chick going to a shoe shop and the salesperson caressing her feet while he puts on the shoes, working his way up and then he…(funny but they all end that way).
    I was reminded of this game when I just went for my usual walk to Jounieh and saw a nail salon and thought that lesbians in a nail salon was a pretty cliché porn plot.
    Oh! – did we say the one about…?

    11:15 pm

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