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    Monday, March 26, 2007  
    More insomnia – just in case you thought it had gone away.
    But a career in insomnia has led me to the revelation that the insomnia (or any other ailment) is not the problem, it’s how you deal with it.
    Insomnia still sucks but if you keep cool about it and not let it get to you then your problem is half solved – a problem ignored is a problem halved.
    It’s not the problem that’s the problem, it’s the reaction to the problem that can or can not be a problem depending on how you deal with it.
    If you have an aim or a mission in life and keep your sights set on that then everything else is just peripheral.
    God, I’m sounding like a motivational speaker.
    This new side effect of my insomnia is by far the worst thing to come from it.
    What you’re now reading is also another adverse side effect of my insomnia – this piece, like so many others, was ‘’written’’ (I record them on the Dictaphone first and then transcribe them later) while I should have been asleep, so I’m glad that I’m not the only person suffering from the consequences of my insomnia but that you’re suffering with me.
    If that is you’re actually reading this, if you’re not actually reading this then my addressing you would be futile.
    Just like this whole piece and just like life (the motivational speaker has left the building – I knew it wouldn’t last long).
    If I was asleep I’d be writing whole lines of Z’s.
    The most important letter of the alphabet to an insomniac is Z.
    The only place where Z comes last is in the dictionary.
    When asked what his secret to success is, a very rich friend of my brother’s said ‘’1) always get a good night’s sleep, 2) have rich friends - it’s just as easy to love rich people as it is to love poor people’’ and I can’t remember the third but it’s not important because those two are more than enough.

    Speaking of side effects, I reckon that the warnings on the packets of painkillers should be extended beyond ‘’WARNING: product may cause drowsiness – if affected do not drive or operate machinery ’’ to something like ‘’WARNING: this product may make you a shit gamer – if affected do not operate electronic games’’.
    Sometimes when I’ve taken a pain killer and am lying down playing my knock-off Tetris game, I find that I’m worse at it that I usually am.

    11:30 am

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