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    Wednesday, December 27, 2006  
    Just got back from my walk to Jounieh.
    Although it was cold, wet and dark when I started out, when my insomnia’s particularly playing up (as it is at the moment) I prefer to go for a walk somewhat voluntarily and with dignity before I attempt to go to sleep rather than be dragged out humiliated later when I can’t get to sleep as I have to go for a walk after my second failed attempt at sleep.
    At least if I go for a walk beforehand I know that I’ve done what I had to do (taken some insomnia precautions) although results aren’t always guaranteed and sometimes I end up having gone for a walk beforehand and then having to go for another walk after my second failed attempt.
    My runners are a mess and I need new ones but, as with everything else I do, it’s a big production.
    I couldn’t find runners I liked in the sports capital of the world (Sydney) so how am I going to find them in Lebanon?
    Although runners are generally retarded all over the world these days – more like bloated shiny fluorescent tires than shoes.
    Note to self: thick socks don’t keep the water out but trap more water in than thinner socks.
    Thick socks are a scam.
    A coat works well – keeps you warmer and drier and keeps taxi drivers off your back.
    If I had a dollar for every time a taxi driver told me off for not wearing a coat or a jacket I’d have molto dollars!
    And it’s getting worse – last week the taxi driver’s friend told me off for not wearing a jacket or a coat.
    I can bet that Hilary Clinton wouldn’t have been so keen to write a book titled ‘’It Takes a Village’’ (to raise a child blah, blah, blah) if she lived in a culture where everyone told you (child or not) what to do all the time.
    How would she feel if some taxi driver or his friend told her to wear a jacket, not to be a lesbian etc?

    7:00 am

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