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    Thursday, November 23, 2006  
    Lebanese Industry Minister Sheik Pierre Gemayel, who was assassinated in Beirut on Tuesday, will be laid to rest later today.
    The martyred son of a martyred family of a martyred people (the Lebanese Maronites) will be buried before his time today like so many of his family and his coreligionists before him.
    The Gemayels are lions amongst lions - the Maronites, the last bastion of Christianity in the land of Christ are the only free Christians in the Middle East.
    Former President Sheik Amine Gemayel (brother, uncle and now father of a martyr), standing beside his sister,(and our sister too for Sister Arzi Gemayel, a daughter of privilege, choose to take holy orders to serve her church and thus country - as her family have been doing for centuries) urged enraged supporters to exercise restraint when he addressed them hours after the assassination.

    I’m no expert but the modus operandi of the Gemayel assassins seems to indicate a private sector (i.e. mafia or organized crime) hit rather than the blow-everybody-up- and -hope –to- get -lucky method favoured by government and terrorist groups in this part of the world.
    Also the audacity of the killers, i.e. the operation occurred in broad daylight, the assassins weren’t wearing masks etc, indicates that they were confident that they weren’t going to get caught and that they knew they could operate with impunity.
    If someone’s going to rob a 7-Eleven they’ll wear a mask yet these assassins felt so confident that they could fire twenty two shots into a minister’s car in broad daylight without any form of concealment.
    And why did Gemayel’s State Security bodyguard, who was heavily armed in the back seat, run away when the incident occurred (apart from the fact that people were shooting at him – which he must have known was an occupational hazard when he signed up for the job)?

    You can only import a dog into Saudi Arabia if you can prove that it is of practical necessity so a family I know, going back to Saudi Arabia after a stint in London, got a certificate from their amused vet there testifying that their pet Chihuahua was a guard dog.

    4:30 am

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