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    Wednesday, October 11, 2006  
    Who knew that consecrated Communion bread can not be thrown away?
    A priest performing a yearly mass I attended at a residential private chapel certainly did - he had ‘’catered’’ for more than the small number of us that were in attendance, so he had to scoff down the remaining wafers at the end of Communion as we watched (and there were enough of them to delay proceedings).
    The attendees had to suppress their sniggers just as he probably had to suppress his indigestion.

    Maybe he shops at the wrong supermarket - the Communion bread I saw at the supermarket (yes they do sell Communion bread at the supermarket I go to) had a six month expiry date although it wasn’t blessed.
    Maybe they should have value-added blessing to it.
    Communion bread wasn’t always so easy to come bye.
    My mother tells me that, during her internal exile at a Lebanese convent in the 1960’s (prior to her and my father being exiled from the country – but that’s their own story to tell), the nuns used to make their own Communion bread and give her the scraps.
    Poor little Muslim girl!
    Even when I was a boy I had to ‘’steal’’ Communion bread.
    I didn’t really steal it but misappropriated it once by secretly pocketing the wafer given to me at Communion at Sunday mass.
    It mustn’t have been that secret because the officiating priest noticed and whispered to me that he wanted to see me after mass.
    After mass I told the priest that I wanted my sister, who had yet to be Communed, to experience what Communion bread tasted like and the kindly priest told me that it was the wrong thing to do and that she would taste it ‘’legally’’ in due time and let me off.

    6:30 am

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