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    Saturday, September 16, 2006  
    Molotov cocktails were thrown at several churches in the West Bank , a church in Basra was bombed and an Italian nun was killed in Somalia in apparent retaliation to comments made recently by Pope Benedict XVI that Islam is a religion of violence.
    Amongst other outrages a Somali cleric told worshippers at his mosque to hunt down and kill whoever offended the prophet Mohamed, a Pakistan foreign ministry spokeswoman declared that ‘’anyone who described Islam as intolerant encourages violence’’ and Muslim militants (isn’t that tautologous?) in Basra burned an effigy of the Pope.
    In other words, Islam is a religion of peace and anyone who says otherwise will be killed!
    Good one – protest your religion being called violent by committing and threatening acts of violence.
    I’m all in favour of Muslims protesting what they consider to be incorrect and objectionable comments made by His Holiness by DISPROVING THEM NOT PROVING THEM!
    A mass ‘’outbreak’’ of peace by Muslims worldwide would do the trick.

    Cruising with a friend in his luxury BMW once, I noticed two hitchhikers who looked like Syrian labourers on the side of the road.
    One of them reflexively put out his hand for us to stop for them only to have his companion smack it down as if to say ‘’don’t even bother with such a fancy car’’.
    Steinbeck was right when he wrote, in the Grapes of Wrath, ‘’… If you're in trouble or hurt or need—go to poor people. They're the only ones that'll help’’.
    I’ve never hitchhiked but I notice that when I’m waiting by the side of the ride for a service, the people that will kindly stop for me are those that appear lower down on the socioeconomic scale.

    2:30 am

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