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    Tuesday, July 11, 2006  
    I don’t usually write about my dreams because I have a life (or at least an intellectual life anyway) but I found this one that I just woke up to a bit weird and funny.
    My Australian cousins and I were at my old house in Melbourne,
    It was early morning and we were asleep.
    I was sleeping in the kitchen and the ghost of a young lady walked in, my cousin’s ex-boyfriend followed her and said to me ‘’Renis (my Australian nickname) did they have female electoral workers in 1901?’’ (As if he was seeking to verify the ghost’s claimed identity and is if the most remarkable thing about her wasn’t that she was a ghost but was her past career).
    I perceived that as the most natural question in the world to ask and didn’t perceive it as being weird - I don’t know why I was so confident of this but I replied most emphatically ‘’of course they did!’’
    The funny part is that we all started speaking to her in really bad Australian French, assuming that because she was ‘’foreign’’ she spoke French (in dreams you just automatically know the details, the plot etc of everything)
    In my dream I got up and escorted her to the living room and sat her down.
    We all gathered around her and she said to us in Melbourne Australian/Greek accented English (I’m obviously a phonetics expert a la Doctor Higgins in my dreams) ‘’I actually speak English and Greek’’ and some language beginning with I which I didn’t hear.
    How can you not ‘’hear’’ something in your dream?
    And then I woke up.

    One’s dreams of course reflect one’s interests and preoccupations and two reoccurring themes in my dreams probably reflect my interest in politics and satire.
    I often have dreams about world figures and my dreams are often comedic (revolving around my wit -I’m funnier in my dreams then I am in real life)
    Amongst world leaders who have made special guest appearances in my dreams are Slobodan Milosevic, who I dreamt I was hiding in my garage in Melbourne, former Polish President General Wojciech Jaruzelski(we were all speaking Polish of course and I understood everything) former US Secretary of State George Shultz, George W. Bush, John Howard and Queen Elizabeth II.

    9:30 pm

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