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    Thursday, April 21, 2005  
    A friend of mine in Sydney used to frequent a center run by a “Persian” (sic) sheik where, from what I gathered, they would spend an inordinate amount of time on what they euphemistically called “comparative religion” – “studying”(denigrating really) other religions (mainly Christianity) thereby aggrandizing their own religion.
    When I used to stop him from carrying-on in this manner around me, he’d say that I should be “objective”.
    I’d tell him that I had no problem with true objectivity, but not his version of it – being “objective” at our expense.
    It’s easy to be “objective” at the expense of others and with the beliefs of others but true objectivity, like charity, begins at home.
    He reminds me of an old Soviet-era joke, where an American and a Soviet are both arguing that their respective systems are free, democratic etc.
    The American says “I can walk into the President of the United States’ office and tell him that he’s a so and so”.
    The Soviet replies, “I can do the exact same thing – I can walk into the Soviet Premier’s office and tell him that the President of the United States is a so and so and he’ll agree with me”.
    So to, my friend can go to his center and join the sheik in denigrating Christianity.
    Here’s just one example of his “objectivity” – unlike Islam, Christianity isn’t practical because it doesn’t allow pleasure marriages (of which he was a fan of).
    My poor friend was in the ironic position of not having any trouble finding Australian women to liaison with but having extreme difficulty convincing them to contract a weird pleasure marriage.Another logic defying (not to mention chronology defying) example is that the Koran mentions Christianity but the Bible doesn’t mention Islam.

    5:38 pm

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