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    Tuesday, February 01, 2005  
    My younger cousin told me that he and his older brother “were going to score”.
    I was pretty surprised because they’re twelve and fifteen respectively.
    He told me that his older brother was driving them up to the village on an errand and they had planned to pick up girls they came across and “score” – as if just the intention to score is all that’s needed.
    You had the intention of scoring, thus you “were going to score”.
    “Were going to score” implies that you’d procured a somewhat willing female but things didn’t come to their ultimate conclusion, not just that you had the intention of procuring a somewhat willing female.
    E.g. “we were going to score but then her friends come and took her away because she was drunk” (“I’ve been drinking” are the three little words that mean the most to men).
    If we’re going by intention, then I'm "going to score” all the time.
    Things were a lot harder in my day.

    I in no way endorse them having those kinds of relationships before their time, quite the contrary, but this piece is about the exact opposite – teenagers having normal healthy desires but not being able to fulfill them yet.And something tells me that, thankfully, I won’t have to worry about those boys “scoring” for some time to come (if their approach is anything to go by).

    6:50 pm

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