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    Thursday, September 09, 2004  
    Terrorist groups have continued their Jihad on locals who live or work next to or just happen to be passing by a Western Embassy with an attack outside the Australian Embassy in Jakarta.
    The suspected car bomb failed to penetrate the embassy premises but killed passers by (eight Indonesians to date), as per usual in these cases.
    The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has issued a travel advisory advising Australians to avoid the vicinity of the embassy – the first time that I know of that a government has advised its citizens to avoid it.
    Not the worst idea I've ever heard!
    This is not the time for scoring political points (which this piece is by no means attempting to do) but I think that while Australia has had to go to war alongside the US for some sixty years now (and before that the UK), the current government has shown too much enthusiasm when what is essentially required if (it shouldn’t be a fait accompli) we chose to go to other people's wars is that we just do our obligation* quietly and hope that nobody notices us (it worked in Gulf War I).
    I think that that advisory should be extended to Indonesians also – the poor innocent unfortunates who always bear the brunt of these attacks and the terrorists.
    Australians have fought other people's wars with distinction and courage (almost bordering on enthusiasm) for over a hundred years and continue to do so, so they would be even more formidable if they had to fight to defend their own country (the men are just as tough).
    Indonesia is no slouch either with their very tough stance against terrorists – imprisoning them for several months, often years until a court finds them innocent and releases them.

    *The ANZUS Treaty with the US and New Zealand (sometimes, when they feel like it) can be read in a way that requires us to "defend" America even if it isn’t on American soil (if it's read without reading glasses, in poor light and whilst squinting).

    11:18 am

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