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    Wednesday, September 29, 2004  
    Renatoobeidsworld is accepting tender applications for a new Official Manouchie Purveyor after the incumbent won a seat on the local municipal council in Sunday's revote and hasn’t opened since.
    The successful applicant will be issued with a royal warrant entitling him to display my coat of arms and the right to represent himself as being "by appointment to renatoobeidsworld".
    Applicants are invited to email a CV, sample of their manakish and a sworn declaration that they will never run for political office to be received by no later than lunchtime tomorrow.

    F--- Darfur – send me emergency manouchie aid!

    Day Eleven* of the Great Manouchie Famine of 2004
    - worse than the Irish Potato Famine ( a couple of years without "fries with that" never killed anyone!)
    My erstwhile manouchie purveyor is a good intelligent bloke, very popular in the community and certainly deserves to be a councilor.
    I don’t know that much about his policies but nowhere in his manifesto does it mention anything about starvation!
    The situation is desperate – if it doesn't improve I may have to get married (I couldn't make a manouchie if my life depended on it)!
    The good news is that he's pro-Sandy – he used to feed her and look after her.
    Is it a coincidence that the ticket backed by Sandy's tormentors failed to win one single seat?
    The pro-Sandy ticket had a clean sweep, wining all twelve seats.
    Despite that, you can't eat dogs (unless you're Chinese, Vietnamese, Laotian…) – so next time I'm going to back a pro-manouchie candidate.
    Who say's I don't address the real political issues?
    I'm going to lodge an appeal with the electoral commission and force a third vote – this is wrong, it's national politicians who are starving us not local politicians!

    *He was busy campaigning for a week before Sunday's election

    4:00 pm

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