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    Monday, June 28, 2004  
    Watched the Czech Republic defeat Denmark 3-0 on the big screen at Paddy's.
    I'm no expert but I think that the Danes should have sent on referee Urs Meier* to win the game for them.
    He did it for the Portuguese - the Swiss rolled England on Thursday night, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory for them.
    Quite a contrast to tonight's referee who played a shocking game – didn’t even get a single touch, in fact I saw him running away from the ball several times as if he were afraid of it!
    On top of that, I saw several incidents of handball – two blokes at opposite ends of the ground couldn’t keep their hands off the ball!
    And what did the police do?
    Sweet FA Cup!
    There's one rule for hardworking people like you and me and another set of rules for them!
    How can Britain enter the Euro zone whilst those Europeans have got their hands on our balls?
    They’ve got us in a vice!
    Renatoobeidsworld is mounting a campaign against this and urges its readers to write to Romano Prodi and tell him to get his hands of our balls!
    (Guess who spent hours reading The Sun on the weekend looking for dirt on Urs Meier?).

    *The Most Hated Bloody Foreigner in England was "Fourth Official" according to the UEFA website – he didn’t look very official to me , I only saw him a couple of times, holding up those signs that tell players to come off

    It's a bit rich hearing the Americans constantly carrying on about "foreign fighters" in Iraq when they themselves have got hundreds of thousands of them there.

    1:15 am

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