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    "Top blog/Renato Obeid's World/Today's pick: This rambling weblog is worth reading not so much for its satirical posts but more for its insight into the minutiae of life in Lebanon, including the etiquette of road accidents and how to hire a taxi.” -Jane Perrone, The Guardian

    Tuesday, December 30, 2003  
    "I'm shocked and stunned!
    This is just so unexpected - a total surprise!
    When did this happen?"

    - www.renatobeidsworld.blogspot.com's Man of the Year, Renato Obeid on learning of the honour.

    Thats it!
    I'm putting a moon on the moon!
    For a while I've been marvelling at the fact that they can put a man on the moon but that so and so cant do this or that etc - i.e that it would be easier for me to put a man on the moon then for so and so to do such and such and that I might as well put a man on the moon then try and get whatever it is done.
    The final straw and launch of my space program was the service driver I stopped on the Jounieh highway who couldnt comprehend that I wanted to get off at Jal el Dib (some ten minutes away) on the highway but on the left hand side (permisable and quite common in Lebanon) and not on the right hand side so I wouldnt have to cross the busy highway.
    He kept insisting that he's not going into Jal el Dib proper (that is the town) just through Jal el Dib (on the highway) and I said that thats where I'm going but on the left.
    We finaly appeared to of reached an understanding and I got in - only to be dropped off about a kilometre down the road when he said (surprise,surprise!) that he's not going into Jal el Dib proper (that is the town) just through Jal el Dib (on the highway) and I said that thats where I'm going but on the left.
    Short of making a scale model of that section of the highway and using a pointy stick (military style) to push a toy car over from the right side of the highway over to the left side of the highway I wasnt going to convince him so I decided to put a man on the moon instead.
    It will cost about a billion dollars.

    editors note : it sounds like renato obeid is already on the moon doesn't it readers? (snigger,snigger)

    8:29 am

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