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    Tuesday, September 09, 2003  
    It appears that the Iraqi's do not have weapons of mass destruction (WMD's) - as the previous regime maintained all along.*
    Now, every week the North Koreans confess to having nuclear weapons and every week the Americans clamour to disavow that; making up all sorts of lame excuses to excuse what has just been said in so many words by a sovereign nations government - "this is just typical North Korean bluster", "theyre bragging", "they were pissed (drunk) at the time" etc.

    UPDATE : On Friday 18th October the North Koreans even went as far as offering to SHOW the world their nuclear weapons ("Here it is,look how shiny it is!") - the Americans (surprise,surprise) dismissed this as "a negotiating tactic".

    *Call me old fashioned but I believe that not finding any WMD's in Iraq over four monthes after the fall of the regime would indicate THAT THEY DONT HAVE THEM!
    As a matter of fact the biggest proof of this (and also proof that that most members of the US administration are just stand up comedians in disguise) would have to be Donald Rumsfelds comments on the eve of the war in Iraq.
    When asked by a reporter whether he thought iraq would use WMD's in the impending war Rumsfeld responded that no,he didnt think that they would.
    Doesnt that indicate that the Americans knew that the Iraqis' did not have WMD's and doesnt that belie American accusations that they did have them?
    Surely a besieged Saddam would use everything he had.
    Rumsfelds' words were the most telling of the entire war,pre-war and post-war and nobody picked up on them (except my friend Peter Casey and I) - here's America about to invade Iraq ostensibly because they claim Iraq has WMD's yet on the eve of war their Defence Secretary says he doesnt believe they'l use those weapons!
    Doesnt that mean that the Americans knew Saddam didnt have WMD's or, as is widely suspected,a deal had been done between them and Saddam that Saddam and most of his cronies would quitely slip out the backstage door during the intermission of this elaborate set piece - without taking a bow at the end and without using there "fireworks" (WMD's).
    Funny old world, isnt it?

    UPDATE : The frequency of North Koreas nuclear confesions appears to me to be increasing.
    Everyday now North Korea says "we have nuclear weapons" and everyday America says "no,you dont".
    "Yes we do".
    "No you dont".
    "Yes we do".
    "No you dont"
    Ad finitum.

    11:59 am

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