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    Sunday, July 08, 2001  
    Recovering today after a big night out in Sydney.
    Caught up with Anthony and we had a couple of drinks and dinner in the Cross and then went to a pub to watch some of the football.
    It was a great night for sport, as it almost always is in Australia, with an Australian playing at Wimbledon, the Australia versus. Britain rugby union game somewhere in Australia and the Australia versus England Ashes cricket test match at Lords*.
    After that we went to the upstairs section of the pub (the Laugh Garage) and saw three pretty unfunny acts – one of them was particularly unfunny and Anthony said that he was a new age comedian who didn’t have to be funny.
    I almost felt that I’d be kicked out for laughing – it wasn’t in the spirit of things.
    Gary Eck who was very funny and still walks like he wants to buy carpet saved the night.
    That was one of his old jokes about being harassed by carpet vendors in Turkey – “you walk like you want to but carpet”- and it was the first thing that I greeted him with after having not seen him for three years.
    Unfortunately he didn’t do said carpet routine, nor “Transport” – about being harassed by taxi drivers in Bali – but he’s promised that he will do them by popular demand next week if I come and see his gig at the Comedy Store.
    I’m still smoking and still unpopular – smoking is very unfashionable and unpopular in Australia these days.
    Such is the extent of the fear and horror about smoking that you could probably rob a bank with an unlit Marlboro Red cigarette these days, threatening to light up if your demands for dollars aren’t met – a la people who are robbing banks and shops with syringes allegedly full of AIDS contaminated blood.
    Imagine the ensuing siege - police armed with big Cuban cigars outside encircling the bank.We all know that JFK was really assassinated by passive smoking and that it couldn’t of been by Lee Harvey Oswald – the cigarettes that he was smoking up there in the Texas Schoolbook Depository were really weak (Alpines or something) and that it must have been a second secondhand smoker on the grassy knoll who really did the deed.

    *“Watching the Aussie’s is like a porn movie – you always know what is going to happen in the end”-Mick Jagger on the Ashes

    I suggest that the ACCC – the Australian consumer watchdog – investigate the board game Monopoly for monopolization.

    6:00 pm

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