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    Tuesday, July 24, 2001  
    The Australian government has refused a request by the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu to relocate its entire eleven thousand strong population to Australia.
    Tuvalu says that rising water levels will eventually waterlog and submerge their entire nation.
    Why don’t we just send the “Backyard Blitz” (“popular” home improvement program on local television) crew to build a giant pergola or something for the entire Tuvaluan population to shelter in?

    A question for nonsmokers – “how many cigarettes do you not smoke a day?”
    “Have you cut down?”
    I know some nonsmokers who don’t smoke up to two or three packets a day.

    When you accept that life sucks (to put it simply), you’ll never be sad or miserable again – you’ll just be sad and miserable all the time (which is to be expected in view of those circumstances).
    But it’s a different sort of sadness and misery, a sort of ambient sadness and misery that is a lot easier to cope with than sadness and misery that occurs occasionally when one is of what would be called a “normal” disposition.
    This “sadness” and “misery” is not of the kind usually associated with those terms, it’s a kind of “happy”, accepting, resigned, worldly fatalistic and realistic sadness and misery.
    When sadness and misery are constant they cease to be sadness and misery they just become normal and something one is used to and expects and accepts – without delusions and illusions.Besides, they’re the only things in life that are consistent and faithful

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