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    Sunday, June 03, 2001  
    Miranda Devine’s column in today’s Sun-Herald is about envy being the most mysterious part of the Australian psyche.
    She attributes this to “the rebellious anti-authoritarian psyche of captured people who later became subjugated by bureaucracy – it seeps through generations”.
    I agree.
    Australians are indeed subjugated by bureaucracy.
    Australia is the most over governed and over regulated country in the world and there ought to be laws against this!

    Sam’s moved into his new mansion on the hill.
    An elegant and luxurious sprawling modern minimalist place with all the mod cons, it has one inconvenience – it has an outside dining room.
    His parent’s place – some 300 metres down the hill.
    That joke’s a “feature” of the “guided tours” I take visitors on – “here’s the billiards room…the cinema room…and there’s the dining room (pointing down the hill)”.

    “The only nation to pass from barbarism to decadence without the intervening stage of civilization”.
    - George Bernard Shaw on what I call “the accidental superpower”, the United States.
    At the risk of sounding like “what have the Romans ever done for us?” what do the American’s have that enables them to be or makes them deserving of being a superpower other than military might and economic supremacy (just about the only things that make a superpower these days)?
    The Americans have no culture, no great intelligence or education, nothing!

    There are all sorts of terrible side affects being reported by people taking the popular new smoking cessation drug Zyaban, but I think that the worst side affect (it certainly doesn’t appear to be a primary affect) by far is that it makes you not want to smoke, give up smoking.

    5:00 pm

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