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    Tuesday, May 29, 2001  
    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all women are created evil.

    …The number of horse related accidents has prompted a year-long pilot study in New South Wales and Victoria into what exactly makes the sport dangerous”
    - Daily Telegraph (Sydney)
    I volunteer that falling off horses makes the sport dangerous perhaps.
    The article also reveals that riding a horse is more dangerous than riding a motorcycle.
    Which brings to my mind another little known fact – more people are killed every year by donkeys and mules than are killed in plane crashes.

    The current shenanigans in Indonesia, where Vice-President Megawati Sukarnoputri is trying to depose the country’s first ever democratically elected President Abdulrahman Wahid, is living proof that women should not be allowed any sort of power.
    Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile!
    Indonesia is practically Australia’s only foreign affairs interest.The international coverage in most Australian media might as well be titled “Indonesia” – “coming up after the break, the Indonesian news”.

    Another day another Australian corporate collapse – mobile telephone company One.tel is on the rocks (some of the papers are calling them “None.tel”).
    Their advertising jingle used to feature the chorus “tell all your friends about One.tel”.
    Indeed, “tell all your friends (about One.tel) but don’t tell the police”, as the old dodgy spruiking line used to go.
    And what if you did “tell all your friends about One.tel”? (I know I did – I’m a sucker for advertisements that order me to “onadvertise” the advertised product).
    How guilty would you feel, how much face would you of lost and how much shame and dishonour would you of brought upon your family and your venerated ancestors?
    Japanese people would commit suicide over that sort of thing.

    5:00 pm

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